April 26, 2021 at 03:06PM

I want you to listen to my/our voice. At the same time, I do not want you to immerse yourself only in my stories. It is always important to keep balance. Defining my word – “There is no such a thing as Right or Wrong in Sashiko” – as the “right description” is already in the weir of dualism. Please listen to & read other Japanese people’s voices. A lecture by Wada-Sensei (@yoshiko_wada_) yesterday was such a great opportunity to learn (It was good to hear that she doesn’t agree with the Sashiko’s “definition” as “Little Stabs”). I believe the series of her lectures is available in archives. Please visit @longhousereserve for the details.

I want you to learn from me. However, I am not so full of myself that what I say/write is the “answer”. Because of the (cultural) difference, even in talking about a fact, we may end up looking at it from a different angle. It is my challenge to learn the culture in which I am sharing “to”. It is my responsibility to learn since I am writing it in English. Therefore, the “Sashiko Talk (Live Streaming)” is a wonderful opportunity to learn & observe me objectively in talking to our Sashiko friends. The Sashiko Live Streaming is all archived on our Youtube Channel. It will probably answer many of your questions. Sashiko is… more than just making beautiful patterns in stitching.



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