April 25, 2021 at 01:07PM

While the definition of “authentic” is not so clear (to me), it is difficult to prove the authenticity. To be honest, I do not even feel the need to prove it. All I do is to share the stories – the stories I have been receiving & experiencing. 

The more I share the stories, the less I can stitch. The more I stitch, the less I can share the stories. As of now, I prioritize the story-telling because the Sashiko I know is becoming (or has become) something filtered & twisted. I would like to protect what my mother (Keiko as a genius Sashiko artisan) does. I would like to rebuild the future of many Sashiko friends I have. 

Anyone can be anything on this Internet. It is us who needs to distinguish the authentic and fake. It is scary because the fake looks more authentic by their marketing & advertisement. How it looks is more important than what it is. Therefore… I keep sharing my “unedit” version of stitching. It is “Sashiko Talk (Sashiko LiveStreaming)”. I am a real person who stitches in front of the camera without any “edit”. I offer it every 2 weeks on Sunday night. It is tonight at 9 pm EDT. Please join us & enjoy Sashiko stitching. 




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