April 24, 2021 at 02:43PM

If you enjoy Shibori in English, you would know her name for sure. I have been learning from Wada-sensei (@yoshiko_wada_) a lot about not only Japanese textile but also Sashiko & Boro from her approach. She is offering a special Talk tomorrow on April 25th (Sunday) @longhousereserve with the theme of #NuiProject & Sashiko. It is another great opportunity to learn from a Japanese who are well educated in the topic. 

I want you to listen to my voice. However, it is “my” voice. It is very important to listen to the other Japanese who practice Sashiko, and be knowledgeable for Boro & Textile. Information about Sashiko & Boro in English is still insufficient. The Japanese do not deliver their voice in English so often. In order to communicate in English, the understanding of English as both language & culture is quite important. Wada-Sensei is well experienced in all of the categories. I will be watching her talk & will learn something new tomorrow as well. For the ticket, please check the Long-House account above and check their link.

英語圏で「Shibori」をされていて 、きっと和田先生の名前を知らない方はいないはず……という程の著名な方と、最近お付き合いをさせて頂いております。本当に有り難いことです。明日、英語ではありますが、その和田先生がZoomで講演会をされる予定です。僕も拝聴する予定です。楽しみ。


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