April 23, 2021 at 01:58PM

“How to care & respect” is a difficult topic. One saying “I care about your culture” isn’t really enough. “Care & Respect” can be validated by action – not by just words. Words are, of course, important. However, if they support the people who appropriate the culture (directly/indirectly) because of the better deal, convenience, or appearance, then their “action” is contributing to the pain. As I keep saying, please be mindful who you are supporting by your decision. 

In my understanding of the Japanese culture, we really do not verbalize “care & respect”. In English, it is very important to express how we feel in words like “I love you”. I do not know many Japanese families who say “I love you” every single day. Instead, we act. If I care for someone, I take action. The Japanese may think it isn’t so “sophisticated” that we have to verbalize their emotions. It is natural to act when we care enough. I appreciate kind words. However, the kind words without action “can” be emotionally stabbing me while them being nice to me. It is unfortunate for everyone on the same stage.



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