April 25, 2023 at 07:40PM

How do we measure the success in “preserving the culture”? What does it take to saying “we preserved the culture”? This has been a long-lasting question. I am not 100% sure what I need to do to preserve the culture… However, a fortunate opportunity to spend time with Makoto-san in Japan was the moment of my dream. If we were to have more people who enjoy Sashiko in their ordinary, with pride and respect, the Sashiko we practice will be preserved. It even doesn’t need a “protection” – it will be there in 50 years when we acknowledge the power & beauty of Sashiko – for that, I would like to keep advocating the significance of Sashiko.

It is interesting, though, that not “everyone” looks good with a Sashiko outfit. I don’t think I am well “developed” to wear such a heavy, gorgeous Sashiko Jacket. All I can do now is to wear some “lightly stitched” Sashiko items. It may be an accumulation of experience. It may be Japanese-ness. I don’t know what makes them fit… but I am now certain that this is the way to go. When more (Japanese) people find Sashiko attractive & apply it to their ordinary (not like the Fine Art in the fall, though), then the Sashiko we practice will be there in 50, or even 100 years from now. I really appreciate Makoto-san for sharing his ordinary, and of course Nana (@na.na_45) for making this Sashiko Jacket for him. Such a personal, and great way to conclude the time in Japan.



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