April 24, 2023 at 11:02PM

It took 10 years to go back to where I was from. Last 10 years, I have found many pieces of happiness with my direct family, my wife and daughter. I guess I was scared of going back to the place where I had been feeling lonely. To be honest, I am still not okay to be there for a long time. But, at least, I had courage to be there.

Without these participants to this series of Sashiko Workshops in Japan, I wouldn’t have made any of this Japan Tour happen. I may have lost the sense of family once in Japan… but thanks to them, I have a bigger sense of family throughout spending great 12 days together.

Sashiko can be “anything” like an Art to express oneself, Crafting to maximize one’s creativity, a vehicle to meditate, Sustainable Solution for the Fashion & Environment… It is not me who defines the answer for that. For me, Sashiko is a practice that once destroyed my family, and now a practice to find many other family members. Sashiko is more than just ”stitching” for some Japanese. I know I am not the only Japanese for that. Therefore, my goal is to pass down the Sashiko we practice to include everyone – not to leave any Japanese Sashiko artisans behind. I will go back to happiness in the U.S. soon. While showing the Sashiko we practice in Japan to 8 new family members, I found so many “challenges” standing in front of me. I will change myself a bit, from only focusing on “our” Sashiko – so that I can connect the “dots” to share the Sashiko we practice.




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