April 21, 2023 at 09:15PM

10 years ago, I never thought that I would be laughing like this with my mother Keiko, while being close to Sashiko, in Japan. We had good moments before 2013, yet we also had enough difficult times. Now, it is even much better. We aren’t just 2 of us who wish to share their name.

Sashiko is a stitching work (process/result) of one’s stitching. One starts stitching, and they complete stitching. We try to share stitching time together, but it often concludes within oneself. Therefore, it is so precious to have so many people gathering together. 30+ friends who joined the “Offline & In-person” Gathering, and so many more who visited the Exhibition.

I cannot thank enough here for those who have offered (have been offering) so much support, those who learn Sashiko from us with Fees (take classes), and those who listen to what we say here by following instead of listening to what is comfortable to listen. None of it would have happened if I didn’t get to know you here.

This is one “conclusion” of what I have dreamed of in the last 10 years. Now, my dream shifts to support someone’s dream in Sashiko. I am sure now that no matter what happens the Sashiko we practice will exist – as I have so many futures of the Sashiko we have received. We will do it again – Japan Tour & Keiko’s Exhibition. I hope to spend time with you next time. (More detail updates of the stories will be on the dedicated website – I am working on it!)



#二ツ谷恵子 #二ツ谷淳 #運針会 #運針会ジャケット #刺し子展示会
#刺し子 #さしこ #sashiko #kogin #koginzashi #koginsashi


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