April 20, 2023 at 09:41PM

When a Japanese person hears the word “Sashiko” today, they probably would think of a cloth of Fukin – on the white Sarashi fabric with colorful threads & beautiful patterns. We sometimes call it “Hana-Fukin”. In my understanding, it is absolutely one style of Sashiko. However, you can tell that I do not practice it much by looking at this account. Sashiko is changing, evolving, alternating within its history and culture, and I enjoy it. I never resist the change. I just want the change to be mindful and careful, not done by someone’s ignorance or inconvenience.

White stitches on Dark Indigo Fabric as a piece of Jacket, like a wearable art. Some may think it is a traditional style of Sashiko, and “only exists in the past”. It isn’t true. There are some who can do the similar Sashiko the way the Japanese practiced. I believe we are one of them. We, of course, have a series of choices unlike those who “had to” stitch. However, we believe we can respect & resonate with Sashiko by imagining and caring.

I hope, well I am sure, that the Sashiko Exhibition in Tsukishima is surprising the Sashiko world” a bit. Thanks to so much support from so many friends, we are having this Sashiko exhibition. This is one “end” of the challenge to speak up – and this is one “start” of another big challenge as “Story-Teller”.



#二ツ谷恵子 #二ツ谷淳 #運針会 #運針会ジャケット #刺し子展示会
#刺し子 #さしこ #sashiko #kogin #koginzashi #koginsashi


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