April 18, 2023 at 04:33AM

The Sashiko I dream about is just here – not in the past, not in the far future, not buried into the trend. It exists thanks to many people who learned Sashiko from Keiko and myself. Some say it is rubbish to go against the trend. There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” in trend… I just want to keep “The Core & Essence” of Sashiko. Well. In order to understand Sashiko, one has to do Sashiko. The fabric (here Sashiko) talks more than anyone. The Sashiko Stitches themselves carry more stories than any words… I just would like to be a translator for that – as a Story-Teller. I am confirming my role in this, and we have many samples to back up my words.

My mother Keiko & our friends (students) will have an Exhibition in Genki-Cafe (@genkicafe_and_gallery), starting tomorrow (4/19) until (4/22). It is quite a small gallery for (Fine) Art, but this atmosphere and sizing will be the best match for the Sashiko we practice. The Sashiko I dreamed about will be there.


元気カフェ(@genkicafe_and_gallery) にてお世話になります!詳細や場所等はストーリーのハイライトからご覧頂けます。作品を見に、恵子さんに会いに、そして私が日々伝えている「刺し子とは」に触れる為に足を運んで頂けたら幸いです。

#二ツ谷恵子 #二ツ谷淳 #運針会 #運針会ジャケット #刺し子展示会
#刺し子 #さしこ #sashiko #kogin #koginzashi #koginsashi


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