April 15, 2023 at 02:51PM

I am spending good time with my mother Keiko as if there were no “missing 5 years” between us. It was 2018 when we spent time together. However, not everything is the same. I guess Keiko is “evolving”… or 5 years of sharing “Sashiko Stories” changed me to really realize the “power” of my mother’s Sashiko.

[Natural Sumizome Fabric + Indigo Dye Thread] – As they are very similar in color shade, it isn’t the 1st choice to combine these together. Yet, she made it possible especially by changing the patterns for the “shade” subtle difference. It may look like there are several colors on it. In fact, the thread colors are the same. It is the contrast of Stitching & Negative Space.

The 1st day of Our very First “collaborated” Sashiko workshop, me and Keiko. I hope that the participants are having a good time – and we will keep on going to share more “stories”, not only mine but those masters I would like to introduce to the world.





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