April 22, 2021 at 02:27PM

Regardless of my fear(pain) in Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko, I am happy to see many people get to know what Sashiko is. Although some information may be filtered/twisted, those who respect the origin will eventually reach the stories. After all, what I would like to do is to pass down the culture. Your understanding & interest is very important, and I appreciate it. 

One of the distortions we experience in the trend is “the value change”. It is simple economics – demand and supply. The price tag we see on the Japanese Kofu (vintage fabric) is unbelievable. Once they were “trash”, now they are valuable. Isn’t it kind of funny?

Many ask me what is the “Good Kofu”. It is a difficult question because “it depends” on what they are looking for. For Sashiko, there are 3 check-points to define if it is Good Kofu (for Sashiko). (1) Is it washable? (2) Is the damage/worn naturally done? (3) Is the fabric “usable”? As I shared the concept of Yo Soku Bi yesterday, the beauty comes from “using” it. In order to make a good “Boro to be”, the journey starts from finding Good Kofu pieces. (I sometimes list Kofu in our store. For my business, please follow @upcyclestitches).


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