April 21, 2021 at 09:51AM

We can find many kinds of descriptions about Sashiko in English. “Slow-stitching”, “Beauty in Imperfection”, “Meditative Stitching”… and you know better than I do. All of these are not “wrong”, but they are insufficient by themselves. Before defining what is “the sufficient Sashiko description”, it is critical to understand the concept of “用即美 – Yo-Soku-Bi” in Japanese Mingei. 

The Japanese found the beauty in the ordinary (not only in imperfection) – and they categorized it as “the beauty in Usage (in the ordinary days)”. There are many crafts found in this Mingei-Movement, and that’s the base concept of the Aesthetic Sense in Sashiko. (Please look up our website for terminology, like Mingei and such).

“The beauty in Usage”. That’s the reason we mainly make something we can use instead of put it on the wall. There is nothing wrong with making a tapestry or framing Sashiko as an Art piece. However, without understanding the base concept, the culture becomes something different. Therefore, I say “Sashiko in English isn’t wrong, but insufficient”. If you are to share/teach Sashiko to someone, please keep “learning” – and let your students know there are more (Do not let you students feel that they do not need to learn further, please).

英語圏で刺し子をしていると「刺し子は芸術だ」とか「額縁に入れて飾りたい」とお褒めの言葉を頂くことがあります。嬉しいのですが、同時に「美」 としての刺し子の出発点も知って欲しいなと思うのです。刺し子を額縁に入れることは全く問題ないと思っています。僕自身もするし。ただ、「用即美 – 用いて即ち美しい」という概念が、刺し子の根底にあることを知った上で楽しんで欲しいなと思うのです。僕達が基本ジャケットやバッグばかりを作るには、こういう理由があります。タペストリーや飾るものを作らないという訳ではありません。ただ、やっぱり「使いたい&着たい」と思ってもらえるものを作りたいなと思うのです。

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