April 20, 2021 at 10:42AM

When I write about the “language” difference, some read it superficially as if I am excluding non-Japanese. They say, “So you are saying we need to be fluent in Japanese to enjoy Sashiko?”. No, I am NOT saying it at all.

You do not need the Japanese language to enjoy/practice Sashiko. Only thing I am asking is the respect/care for the Japanese culture (voice). When they are trying to learn the “mindset”, I am fine with them teaching Sashiko. Only thing I would find uncomfortable is to “twist(repaint)” the culture. When a Sashiko teacher leaves the impression to students that they do not need to “look further” in Sashiko after the workshop, then it is a problem. All of my class ends saying “This is the start of their Sashiko”. A big difference in mindset & approach. 

Sashiko isn’t so difficult to be good at. However, it isn’t shallow as the non-Japanese can “complete” on behalf of us. Summarizing/Simplifying Sashiko into “the one answer” with filtering numbers of diversified style is a form of twisting & repainting the culture – and when it is done with intentional ignorance & for the profit, then it is Cultural Appropriation. 

As I always say, “Caring & Respect” will differentiate Appreciation from Appropriation – not what you can do, it is how you approach it (although it would be great to try to learn the Japanese).


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