April 19, 2021 at 10:44AM

In this account, I am sharing the Sashiko & how “different” the understanding can be. Not “Wrong”, just “different” – because of this difference, the understanding of Sashiko in English can be insufficient. After all, “Sashiko” is a Japanese practice rooted into the Japanese culture. The culture is deeply related to the language. In other words, the language is a product of each culture. 

The more I learn English, the deeper I respect the language. It is a well-developed language to communicate in a diversified society. Since the speakers are different, the language became straightforward based on their “value” – which is mutual understanding by logic. This simplification enhances the dualism, and unfortunately (sometimes), it “could” filter something in between. Contemporary Japanese is becoming like English – more “direct”. However, what I share is the culture where Japanese didn’t really need to “problem-solve” by language. Therefore, it is extremely challenging for me to explain the nuance of Sashiko in English.

Unlike the other posts here, this is merely my opinion. I am not well educated enough to discuss linguistics. However, by explaining my idea, “what/how I write here” might make more sense to some of the readers. Some complaints that they do not get “clear answers” by reading what I write. It is true because I do not offer “clear answers”. Without mindful reading, my writing here is nonsense. Instead, I believe I offer enough “stories” to encourage them to think. Therefore, I ask, please sit with what I write (for while) before asking for the “quick” answers.


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