April 18, 2021 at 11:11AM

Finally… it is my pleasure to share this information. I knew it would be perfectly fine, but I couldn’t feel 100% comfortable in sharing until I got the Covid Vaccination schedule. (I guess I am very much Japanese… What we feel anxiety the most is troubling others. So many non-Japanese find us “worrisome” and “anxious” based on their common-sense, but we just want to avoid being the one to bother others). 

Anyway. I am restarting the In-Person Sashiko Workshop, in a popular & beautiful studio, “Aya Fiber Studio” in Florida (@aya_fiber_studio) after 15 months. (I cannot believe the last in-person was in Quiltcon 2020).

I sincerely appreciate the owner, Suzanne, for understanding my “Japaneseness”, and being patient to make it happen. This is not only the restart workshop, but a very special one with 3 days length of stitching & stitching. First day, I shared the basics & essence. The 2nd & 3rd day, we apply the basics to what the participants want with sharing many stories & techniques. It looks like there are a few spots left. If you are interested, please contact Suzanne at @aya_fiber_studio for the details.

*Photo from previous workshop in Tribeca, NYC.



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