April 17, 2021 at 11:09AM

I have received several happy notes that they found my article on the latest PieceWork Magazine (Summer 2021 issue) about Sashiko & its diversity. I still don’t have the copy on my hand, and I will introduce the details when I actually have it. I just wanted to share that this is my official first “published” contribution with compensation. 

I cannot thank the PieceWork team enough. English is my second language. I never got out of Japan until the age of 19. Therefore, my writing can be very strange (and wrong) for native writers. There are many grammatical mistakes (not on purpose). I do not follow some “rules” in writing (on purpose). However, usually, when an editor reads my writing, they try to “re-write” on my behalf with good intention. Instead of making corrections, they often (not always) try to rewrite the whole sentence with the contents they thought they understood. Unfortunately, it often loses the “point”. I understand. It is MUCH easier to rewrite than adjusting the errors. I almost gave up & focused on improving my English. The PieceWork team, however, didn’t change my writing style much. I still don’t know how they did it, but I took it as their understanding of the diversity – different cultures – and therefore, I felt they respected Sashiko. (my conclusion was the editor is simply a genius). Philosophy & practice of Sashiko is there → https://ift.tt/3tseA5L. ☆


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