April 16, 2021 at 12:37PM

When I say “Sashiko/Boro is NOT ◯◯” or mention about Cultural Appropriation, some automatically start defending themselves. As you know, I am NOT excluding anyone. I just want them to “know” more. This may be an extreme analogy, but again, let’s use pizza. If one is enjoying “frozen pizza” and spreading the info it is “THE pizza (as a whole culture)”, wouldn’t you want to share the favorite pizza restaurant you have in your neighborhood? There is Nothing wrong with frozen pizza – but it cannot represent the whole pizza.

I am welcoming you to learn Sashiko & Boro. However, since it is deeply related to the unfamiliar culture for you, it will take a long time to fully understand. I wish I could give you the answer “Sashiko/Boro is ◯◯” as other teachers/books do… but it isn’t that shallow. Therefore, I ask to “keep” learning & “doubt” what you know. I am here to share. I offer workshops to support your learning. Once you “start” learning, call your stitching “Sashiko/Boro” or “◯◯-Inspired”. It won’t hurt me because you listen & try to not to “change” the culture by ignoring the voice. You do not need to be a “master” to call your stitching Sashiko. However, if you decide to ignore the voice from Japanese for your convenience, I will speak up no matter how good you are in stitching. It isn’t about how good you can stitch. It is about how you “appropriate” the culture you do not understand fully. It isn’t about Skill or knowledge. It is about “know what you don’t know” to avoid Cultural Appropriation – if you are referring the foreign culture.

(By learning Sashiko in a “good form”, your stitching will get better & even anyway.)



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