April 15, 2024 at 03:44PM

As I speak up about “Acknowledging the Upstreams”, I often receive feedback about the power of (Intellectual Property) Law. It is very true that IP is powerful… or even it is “Necessary” to fully achieve when it comes to “Protection”. I understand that, yet there are reasons I do not aggressively apply “Law” to Sashiko & my activities.

Law comes with 2 big concepts: “Ownership” and “Authorities”. Long Story Short, when Sashiko is introduced with “Who Owns it” and “Who defines Right and Wrong”, then it is No Longer the Sashiko we practice. Unfortunately, as (Non-Japanese) people who are new to Sashiko do not know enough about Sashiko, they ask for the power & clear answers – which can lead Sashiko to Law, and then “Ownership” and “Authorities”.

The concept of “Ownership” often brings the dualism of The Others and I. This separation causes many disputes, and they need to fight to prove which side is “Right”. The one who “wins” the ownership can access to Authority easily. By then, “what they define based on their convenience” is more acknowledged than “what it used to be”. If you see someone who claims they “own” Sashiko, or try to be the “Authority”, be mindful that they know almost nothing about Sashiko.

As we live in a “Law-Ruled Society”, it is important to acknowledge the power of Law. However, to respect what Sashiko is (& has been), I choose to keep speaking up about how it is formed rather than limiting the access of what it should be from others by pushing the privilege. “Sharing” our Sashiko Story is all and the best I can do for now – so that you will be one to acknowledge what Sashiko is.




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