April 14, 2021 at 12:53PM

Exciting Announcement – A small group tour focusing on Japanese Textile and Sashiko with Atsushi is happening in May, 2022.

It is my sincere pleasure to share this announcement. The beginning of 2021, an experienced Japanese tour guide, Koshiki-san (@tanpopostudio) contacted us for the possibility of collaboration in the Textile Tour in Japan. After careful & joyful conversations with her over time, I have decided to join the tour as an accompanying Sashiko/Boro Guide. The participants will have all of my time to deepen their understanding of Our Sashiko and other Sashiko in Japan on top of many workshops/visits to unique & exclusive places where Koshiki-san has arranged. Not only the technique, you will learn, feel, taste, touch, and of course “stitch” from cultural aspects. I cannot express enough how unique this tour will be. For the details, please visit their registration page. Also, by signing up our newsletter, you will get more information over the Spring/Summer in 2021. Koshiki-san and I will bring you many happy surprises.

The Tour Detail → https://ift.tt/2PTONFn (@tanpopostudio)

Newsletter – via https://ift.tt/32gKm9X



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