April 13, 2021 at 12:34PM

Sashiko is getting popular as “Meditative Stitching”. Some may call it “mindfulness”. I see others calling it “Zen Stitching”. Well, since Sashiko & Zen are both Japanese, let’s raise a question. Can you describe the difference between Zen and Mindfulness?

There is a significant difference between Zen in Japan & Mindfulness in Western Culture (Let’s say, in the world map where Japan is far east, anywhere west from Asia is “Western” – I will elaborate this & sorry for the sloppy definition of “western”). As always, the difference itself isn’t about good or bad. Using the word without “trying” to understand is dangerous. 

Sashiko can be all of Mindful-stitching, Meditative-Stitching, and Zen-Stitching. It is my sincere pleasure to see my students enjoying Zen-Stitching after my workshop. I was going to share the stories of difference on Instagram… but since it will be several pages long, I will share it on Patreon (then excerpt some of the whole story here).


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