April 12, 2021 at 03:13PM

I had another great Live Streaming on Youtube (I call it “Sashiko Talk”). Big thanks to @scsarchet for being my conversation partner to enrich our learning. The more we talk, the more “difference” we realize. When we communicate at the Superficial level to “spend time” together, the profound understanding of each culture isn’t so critical. However, when we need to share something more deep such as emotion, or even more, when one decides to talk about the foreign culture on behalf of the others, then understanding the difference is very critical. I am not saying one needs to understand the culture profoundly or perfectly – but they really realize & communicate that there are differences instead of pretending (communicating) that they know the foreign culture. At the worst, it ends up with minimizing or erasing the culture by ignoring the differences. 

Even in 2 hours of Online Live Streaming, we could share the cultural differences between the US and Japan in many topics. That’s how we are different. The difference is great. Therefore, I want you to listen to the Japanese when you would like to use the Japanese words. Ultimately, that’s all I am asking. I believe our Live Streaming is becoming a great resource to understand the cultural differences not only in Sashiko, but in many other categories. I will get better in organizing & filming the Live as well. (https://www.youtube.com/c/sashico)


Sashiko Talk という英語版刺し子配信をすることで、この文化の違いがいい感じに学べる場所になってきている気がします。僕自身、毎回学びだらけです。「How are you?」の返事は、「I am fine, Thank you.」 と習ったと思います。これ、定型文で、「実は元気じゃないんだ……」と真実を返すは、文化的にNGだったりします(笑)なんだそりゃ……と思われるとは思いますが、日本文化も同様に面倒です。やっぱり深い。なんか人生かけた壮大な事に挑んでる気がします。

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