April 11, 2021 at 12:22PM

In the FB Group where I am the admin, I received a very important reply to my explanation. It was: “When you use words in anger, it can be misunderstood by Americans, who find it offensive. This is not Japan!”. Well. These 2 sentences literally indicate the issues I am experiencing.  

In FB & IG, where I am the admin, I want it to be as “Japanese” as possible. SNS is borderless. It is neither Japan or America. Therefore, I specify everywhere my message: this is “space by the Japanese for the Japanese culture (Sashiko/Boro)”. Therefore, I say, please take off the shoes, before addressing their “right”. 

Also, their reply minimizes the pain (anger) of the C/A or other issues by minorities. Since Americans will find it offensive, the minorities have to be quiet (say nothing)? It is not about “misunderstanding” what I write/speak as they say. My voice is “Filtered” by their privilege.

If you are an American here, I am so sorry that they spoke on your behalf. I respect America where my daughter identifies herself. I know you are a lot better than this (therefore you are reading this). However, please also be advised that “ignorance like this” happens, unfortunately, kind of “often”. It usually is not as obvious as this reply on FB. (Photo is based on my hope of good mixture of US & Japan – Cupcake & Sashiko).



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