April 11, 2023 at 04:07PM

You and I. We are both Human beings. We breathe in Oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. We eat to live. So, from this perspective, we are the “same”. However, as we appreciate what we have (& achieved) in civilization, we now celebrate diversity – we are the same (as human beings), but we are different as an individual (personality), a group (culture/background), and many other things. I think it is a great thing.

This is not my Sashiko – Koginzashi done by one of my Japanese students who learned Sashiko from me (I cannot believe). I don’t practice Koginzashi as I know I am not really good at it. As much as I feel I need to challenge myself, I am okay with drawing the line there. What I do & Koginzashi are both Sashiko – but different. We do not have to make it the same. There are a numbers of Sashiko with these “differences” in Japan – some are well-known, others are completely hidden (Un-Told).

I hope this analogy explains the fear of one saying “Oh, I know Sashiko” and start telling the “right” answers to others. There are completely different rules in Koginzashi, and we are about to visit a master to learn it even for a tip of this. I do respect one’s freedom – we live with our personal “right” to be in freedom. However, please be noted that someone’s freedom can minimize, or worse eliminate the diversity on the other ends. While I am in Japan, I am a student. In fact, I have been a student since I restarted Sashiko. I am so happy to share more stories here about “Sashiko in Japan”.



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