April 09, 2023 at 11:50AM

As I share “Sashiko Stories”, some define my words as the answers. I appreciate their respect & trust in it, I also want to make sure to clarify that my Sashiko Stories are “mine” – and it is only one viewpoint of Sashiko. I am very much proud of myself teaching Sashiko to other Japanese people, and one of the main purposes is to see “Unison of our Sashiko in big differences”.

In this picture, in the same patterns, we are fortunate to have 6 Sashiko (rising) artisans. Keiko put 14 pieces of them together and made a Jacket – it will be one significant display in the Small Exhibition in Tsukishima, Tokyo.

This Tour is to “layer” someone’s Sashiko Story onto mine. It is not my intention to “patchwork” and expand it.. It is really more like putting them on each other to see what Sashiko really is “for me”. The better I articurate what Sashiko is, the more details I can share with my stories. So, I will try my best to spend time meeting Sashiko Artisans. Hopefully, I can purchase some of their Sashiko Items. If it fortunately happens, I would like to share it with you: Always, my intention is always to “involve” – not to “exclude”. Please share what is going on in Sashiko – the Sashiko Atsushi & Keiko have been practicing for years & decades.



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