April 08, 2023 at 02:59PM

Boro isn’t a word for “(colorful) patchwork”. It isn’t even a word for “Mending”. Then, many ask “what is it?” as if I have a desirable answer for them. This account exists to explain what Boro is without eliminating the voices of Japanese people – and I don’t have the answers they want to hear. Boro is more (rich) than patchwork & Mending, and also it is less (significant) than patchwork & mending. It is not my intention to make it philosophical. It is just impossible to explain without sharing these perspectives – if you would care to learn what it really is.

One “Core” I can share about Boro, if it isn’t patchworking, is that Boro is about “Layering”. Connecting (Recycled) Fabric Swatches itself won’t great Boro – it requires “Layers” of fabric, and more importantly “Stories”. We can make an authentic Boro, but it takes time.

This coming Japan Tour is like a process of making Boro… My Sashiko isn’t really “perfect” – and it requires a lot of “stitching”. Therefore, with meeting many Sashiko masters & friends, while listening to their stories, I would like to keep layering “their” Sashiko to my Sashiko. It isn’t just a “sightseeing” tour – it is the first step for me to be the “Sashiko Story Teller” in many different perspectives. I am so proud of myself for arranging this tour with meeting “unknown” Sashiko people. If possible, I would like to purchase Sashiko items from them. Your support on “Patreon” and/or “GiveButter” would be very much appreciated for that (Auction may be available, too).

I am ready to surprise the world.



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