April 07, 2023 at 07:49AM

Over the last 4 years or so, many kindly advise me to structure the system of “Certification” or “Atsushi Certified Sashiko Teacher” to expand my business. I know how this will impact me financially, but I do not plan to issue a “ticket to teach (represent) Sashiko” as I am still in the learning phase, and I will be in the same phase 50 years from now in Sashiko. Again, money is an important vehicle to reach the goal of me keep sharing the Sashiko. Money is not the “Goal” of what I do.

Although I do not issue “certification”, I encourage everyone who takes my workshop & keeps stitching with me to “teach” Sashiko when they have opportunities. I am so glad that Jade (@the_jadefalcon) decided to take her first step. In the trend where anyone can copy what I do & “imitate” from a technical & appearance perspective, it is very grateful that someone who is serious in learning can speak on my behalf. A new teacher may not teach Sashiko as efficiently as I do, but I am sure that they can convey the most important message I have been sharing.

In the workshop FL, some participants told me that they would like to take my workshop again – not because they didn’t get what they expected, but they thought there would be more to learn & enjoy stitching. I am now getting more confident in what I am sharing – please learn “the Sashiko we have been practicing”, which isn’t introduced in English yet. It will make a significant difference in your Sashiko – not only the way to respect the culture, but also the way to respect yourself. I am sure that Jade will do a fantastic job! (For Sign-Up, check her Account)



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