April 08, 2024 at 08:53PM

I have Never said, and I will Never say that non-Japanese practicing Sashiko is painful to me. That being said, if you think C/A is a real issue, then please don’t worry about it too much & enjoy Sashiko as you do now. Please educate me if I say something ignorant. If you think C/A is nonsense, then educate yourself by learning from others who speak up. I am NOT the one who can educate you about CA as I am still on the side who need to learn C/A as a real issue.

I will be honest. I used to be one of those who think Cultural Appropriation is Bul_ s__t. So, I am NOT accusing non-Japanese people of enjoying Sashiko at all. I am accusing those who simplify the Core of the culture for their profit & convenience. If one just enjoys Sashiko, then I have no problem. If one starts teaching others as if they are a “true master” of Sashiko without even proper commitment, then it is a problem.

I have to admit that I am sometimes ashamed by reading others’ comments/posts with a good understanding on C/A. At the same time, in an honest feeling, some concepts of C/A still don’t sit well with me. I realize the reason why I do not fully “feel” the issue is because of me being a Japanese who was born in Japan. A privileged side. I haven’t been through the pain to feel C/A as my own issue. So, my honest writing here is NOT a statement to minimize the significance of C/A. I am sharing that I am still in the process of learning it.

I hope you enjoy a variety of reactions in my posts/videos. I can tell some are just reacting to the word C/A without even exploring what I convey. That’s what we have to fight against – regardless if we agree or disagree with C/A, the true problem is those who minimize/ignore the issue. We need both the Sun and Moon for Eclipse. They are different, but they both indeed “Exist”. Thank you for all of your input here. All I want is acknowledgement that “it exists”. (It was nice to see the comment from the other side).


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