April 09, 2024 at 08:54AM

Whew. A lot of writing & reading in English for non-native for a day. I really appreciate those who shared your time & wisdom here. Your comments encouraged me, educated me, and most importantly “clarified” the tough challenge I am going through.

I used the word “Cultural Appropriation” in the last 2 posts, but the context is not accusing someone of “Appropriating the Culture”. It is about the reaction I receive. Some people get triggered by just catching the word C/A, assuming what should be written, then attacking others to defend themselves. It is what is happening on FB Page & Youtube Channel, and it happened here on IG. (Thanks to you, it is less hostile, but still numbers of comments WITHOUT even reading).

Once they watch the video, they will find out what my message is all about. Some actually did (appreciated), and changed the tension in their comment. That’s all I ask – acknowledgement. However, unfortunately, making them read/watch is the most difficult challenge – and those who do not read/watch say C/A is nonsense.

So… it probably concludes one thing for this account. C/A exists, but not based on age, gender, race… or cultural background. A culture will be appropriated (or erased, overpainted, twisted) by those who aren’t open for any learning. C/A itself is a more complicated issue – but we aren’t even there yet. Some followed me after the post (thank you!), yet 2x unfollowed. It also clarifies that the C/A on the photo will make people uncomfortable. We all agree here, without listening/reading, no learning happens.

After so much pain, my message has become crystal clear & simple. It is “Acknowledgement”. You enjoying “Sashiko” isn’t C/A to me. I hope the reactions for these posts clarify what I am going through in Sashiko, and what I define as issues in C/A.


#Sashiko #刺し子


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