April 08, 2024 at 09:12AM

I have an interesting suggestion to learn how our preconceptions overwrite the message. This example may help you to understand what I am going through as “challenges/pain” in sharing what Sashiko really is. It can be time-consuming, so only when you have time. Please go to my Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/sashico), then find the video titled [Sashiko and Cultural Appropriation]. Please watch the video first, and then read 100+ comments on the video. We can find 2 extreme comments there: (1) sharing their Appreciation & (2) attacking the concept of Appropriation. My goal is to be a bridge between Appropriation to Appreciation. However, it is so difficult to navigate those who ignore the message itself & get aggressive by just finding the word “Cultural Appropriation”.

The video’s conclusion is “Please don’t worry about C/A in Sashiko Too much”. Isn’t it interesting to have so many angry comments? This explains 2 of my experiences. (1) Some People read only what they want to read instead of what is really written & (2) Don’t worry about C/A in Sashiko if you worry about it. Please worry about C/A if you think the C/A is nonsense.

All I ask is “to acknowledge the upstream”. However, unfortunately, there are quite many who “react” to the word/concept itself without stopping their “intelligence” instead of listening to others. My mission is completed when Sashiko is introduced to people like you here – as Sashiko will keep its form with your continuous learning. Again, unfortunately, the majority of people try to change the shape of culture (let’s say Circle) to fit their comfortable form (Square). This type of discussion wasn’t the initial purpose of this video – but it is quite insightful.

英語圏では毎日色々あり、書きたいことが溜まってきたので、英語でのウダウダを間に挟みます。運針会の紹介は今後も続けていきます。#運針会友達 というタグで見られるようにするので、見逃した方はそちらを参照下さい。


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