April 05, 2021 at 12:21PM

A long time ago, when I started sharing my stories, I received several worries. “You may make enemies (even if you do not mean it) by being direct”. Yes, I am aware of the risk of having “enemy”. Although I do consider nobody an enemy, I realize what I say/write may end up making them my enemy. I would like to “be liked”, of course. However, “being liked” isn’t the priority in this account. Protecting my own culture by sharing stories is the priority.

What I do is a very non-Japanese thing to do – to say something direct & (somewhat) confronting. I think I can say/write what the readers want to hear/listen. At least, I kept silent completely. However, the reality that “one may become an enemy by saying something honest” is already the result of some distortion.

I am not here to change you. I am here to share the stories so that you can choose to learn & change. Not knowing is okay, but hurting people without knowing is just sad (for both sides). Therefore, I share. It is up to them to learn, or consider me as an enemy. I feel “responsible” to share the stories because I am saying the current information is insufficient. However, I do not own any explanation for what I say/write. Often (not always), the truth isn’t spoon-fed. We need to “find” it. The information someone may bring to your month is modified based on someone’s convenience. I will spoon-feed them when I receive the support (Webstore, Class, Youtube, and such) – that’s my work to keep Sashiko sustainable. However, wouldn’t you feel strange if someone spoon-feed you with no cost…? (I wouldn’t swallow that). I am not a master of Sashiko. I am still learning what it is – and how I can share in other languages.


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