April 04, 2021 at 01:00PM

Stitches carry a lot of memories. We sometimes call it “spirit”, “feelings”, or even “identity”. I believe it is the same for many people, including you. You may have something associated with your memory & identity made by hands. Interestingly, what I had received had a name “Sashiko”, and it became the “trend” with filtering to their convenience. So, I am not overreacting to protect it. I used to minimize my feelings, but not any longer.

By asking for quick answers & definitions, they need to simplify the matter. When they share the same “common sense” to the original culture, this simplification won’t be a big problem – because we mutually understand the long list of definitions to define the word. Please do not simplify someone’s culture with a lot of memories… and more importantly, with spirits. It can be degrading as you can imagine yourself in the same shoe with different topics.

Sashiko carries the memories. I am asking many Japanese artisans to help me to make the “identities” visual. All stitch the same pattern with the same posture, yet they are all different. However, they are similar enough to be the “one”. I will introduce the power of hand-stitching (First on Patreon).



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