April 03, 2021 at 11:24AM

Sashiko is a “form/practice/culture of hand-stitching” developed in Japan. Yes, the “technique” and “patterns” are very inspiring & important to learn. However, what I want to share is “MORE” than just how Sashiko looks. What I would like to share includes, but not limited to, tradition, custom, rituals, belief, philosophy, spirituality, and the ordinary of the Japanese people who practice(d) Sashiko. Without explaining them, the culture may be twisted by someone’s convenience – and may be for their profit.

I am very lucky to marry a beautiful person with several heritage (Born in USSR, moved to Israel). We have a daughter who is American. Every single day, I learn something new. Ever since I immigrated to the US, I respect this country. Therefore, I “share”. I am NOT judging, criticizing, attacking nor excluding those non-Japanese who enjoy Sashiko. I am simply asking to learn the difference. In the past, there weren’t any resources. Now, I share the resource. 

The Japanese culture (& its practice) is very unique to non-Japanese culture. The Japanese who live in Japan do not realize the uniqueness so often. However, well therefore, there is a lot of wisdom that I can share. I hope what I share will be some help to your ordinary days. Learning Sashiko is “more” than making beautiful stitches. (If a goal is to have perfect even stitches with beautiful patterns, a machine can do that. And there is nothing wrong with the machine).



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