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Wearable Fine Art | Keiko’s Sashiko

They are stunning beautiful. I will site the client’s word: it is a pleasure to have Wearable Fine Art. All hand made, All Sashiko stitched, small vintage fabrics to good sized well-preserved Japanese vintage fabrics. The biggest, and most enjoyable, project in 2018. It took a year of searching the fabric, planning the patchwork, all Sashiko works, and then putting everything united as a whole piece. 

This is what Keiko Futatsuya is capable of: Another reason I, Atsushi Futatsuya, work on introducing Sashiko. 

Wearable Fine Art

I had an interesting discussion about whether Sashiko is the (Fine) Art or not. The conclusion was that Sashiko “can be” the fine art, but originally started the Folk Art. As a Sashiko artisan, I would like to respect Sashiko’s history, and would like to avoid considering what I make as the Fine Art (at least. not yet.)


So does Keiko.

She doesn’t consider her Sashiko and Boro Jackets as the Art. The definition in terminology isn’t that important for her. Only thing she cares is if she is enjoying as much as the client would be enjoying the process of repurposing the fabric. 


Well, however, I would call these Jackets as the Art. It may sounds contradicting what I wrote a few weeks ago, but I agree with the client’s words: they are the Wearable Fine Art. 


We will continue this journey. 

If you are interested in placing the back order (customized order), please refer the article about how we started working on these Jackets.

Sashiko Wearable Fine Art SJ

Sashiko Wearable Fine Art Photos


Enjoy the photo gallery of Wearable Fine Art by Keiko Futatsuya. Big thanks to Jeffrey for taking these beautiful photos.

I had to reduce the file size due to the website capacity. The photos with High Resolution are available on our Facebook Photo Album.


Photo Credit: (c) Jeffrey Bardzell, 2019


Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJ _MN

One of the preferred request from the client is to have the Vintage Katazome Fabric. These vintage fabrics has the width of 1-tan (1反 = about 36cm), which was regular width for Kimono.  

It is challanging process to obtain the beautiful vintage fabric in a good condition, then we work on patchworking and Sashiko stitching based on the client’s requests and Keiko’s creativity. It is one of the reason we ask clients to wait for about a year or so.

We do not waste a smallest piece of fabric, like a size of small swatch barely capable of wrapping a few beans. We strive to share all of our wisdom, technique and passion in Sashiko & making “”To-be-Boro” Sashiko Jacket. 

Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJ _FO


Asanoha (麻の葉), Shippou (七宝), Kakinohana (柿の花).

The Japanese traditional geometric pattern have their own beauty and Sashiko significannly enhance the beauty. It was our sincere goal to make client’s request happen, a collaboration of favotie vintage fabric as well as the favorite pattern.


The alternative Sashiko Jacket were filled with the traditions. 

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