Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison Cover

Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison

Choosing the appropriate Sashiko thread for your Sashiko project is one of the most important factors to have beautiful & enjoyable Sashiko stitching. Although we use one specific thickness of Sashiko thread for 99% of our Sashiko projects, we carry some variety of thickness. Here is a comparison for the Sashiko thread that Upcycle Stitches offers online.

*The detail of each Sashiko thread can be found here. (In process)

All of the Sashiko Thread in the comparison is available for sale here.

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Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison First

There are many other Sashiko thread manufactures. Among many choices, we regulary use them and check the quality of the Sashiko thread we provide.

Also, you can fine the explanation why we strongly recommend in using Sashiko Thread. The thread has its unique twist to perform the Sashiko’s original purpose; which is different from the other hand-stitching. I upload the video of me talking about this topic. I hope you find it useful. 

Talking the importance of understanding why we use Sashiko Thread.
Longer conversation explaining why thread is important for Sashiko.

Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison 

Please find the photo for each threads we carry. Every kinds of thread is made in Japan with quality cotton 100%. 

  1. Coron & Sashi.Co Sashiko Thread including the one hand-dyed with natural dyes
  2. Upcycle & Maru Sashiko Thread including the unique pastel & variegated Colors
  3. Daruma Yokota Sashiko Thread both Thick and Thin.
Sashiko Thread Thickness Comparison Cover 1

Coron & Sashi.Co Sashiko Thread

It is our regular & first choice Sashiko thread. We have been using the thread from the Coron manufacture over many years. and we are proud to introduce their thread to the world. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya hand-dyes the thread with natural dyes. The thread, Sashi.C0 and Coron, are almost identical. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

The thickness is about 1.0 mm with 4 floss twist. 

Upcycle & Maru Sashiko Thread

Upcycle and Maru Sashiko thread is the new thread we start carrying in 2018. I fell in love of their unique colors of Sashiko thread, including pastel and variegated colors we couldn’t make with the Natural Dyes.

It has the very similar quality for the Coron & Sashi.Co Thread. I haven’t had any problems enjoying Sashiko projects. The stitching results (shown below) also explain that they are very similar each other.

The thickness is about 1.0 mm with 4 floss twist. 

Daruma Sashiko Thread

Daruma Thread made by the well-know thread company, “Yokota”, is our newest thread. We started enjoying Sashiko with their thread in late 2018 so that we can accomodate the needs who wishes to have thinner thread. The quality is good (although I would probably need more time to fully experience it.) Please check the comparison photo with the stitching result so you will find the best thickness besides our regular Sashiko thread.



The thickness is a bit less than 1.0 mm like 0.9mm or so. You may feel it is almost 0.8 mm. Please refer to the photo. (Cotton 100%, unit: 20/6 )


This is the thinest Sashiko thread we carry. I would say it is about 0.75 mm or even 0.7 mm. The thickness changed depends on the tension. The thread on all the photo have no tension. (Cotton 100%, unit: 20/4 )

No “Right Answer”. Just the preference.

As I mentioned above, I only recommend the Sashiko thread we used at least in several project and confirmed its quality. It is simply because I would like anyone to avoid the sad result (not expected results) by using the thread.

Sashiko thread from the other manufactures and any non-Sashiko threads are good when it fits your project. It is just about the preference, and I want you to try the best because it makes a lot of difference in Sashiko stitching.

*Some of the technique I introduce here as well as on Youtube may be only effective when you use the thread we recommend.

Throughout Sashiko Live Streaming on Instagram and Youtube, I encounter and become friends with many many Sashiko Thread Dyer in Japan. One day, I would love to introduce them on our website as the Sashiko thread artisans.

Sashiko Stitching Sample with threads above

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