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The first Sashiko Pop Up | 75 Collective

It was such a blast to be part of the Holiday Pop-Up event, 75 Collective, in TriBeca. We sincerely appreciate to your visit & we would love to attend the 75 Collective again in future. The 75 Collective was the first Sashiko Pop Up for us.

The First Sashiko Pop Up and continue

The first sashiko pop up 1
Japanese Boro, Sashiko Jackets, and much more.
The first sashiko pop up 2
Of course, Sashiko thread and other Sashiko supplies.

Since Atsushi operate Upcycle Stitches by himself as of 2018, it was a bit challenging to join the regular Pop-Up event. With trustworthy partners in the 75 Collective, I felt easy to have a pop-up table even while I was teaching Sashiko in the workshop.

The first Sashiko Pop-up to share what Sashiko is like to the broader audience, and I hope this continues in 2019.

Simply beautiful. Deeply Caring.

The 75 Murray building was simply beautiful to have this deeply caring pop-up event with conscious brand partners. 

The first sashiko pop up 4
The stage for the workshop. The workshop was filled with kids’ smile & laughter.
The first sashiko pop up 5
In the morning before the event opens. I am so happy to be part of this great team.

Natural Dye. Repurpose Fashion. Fair Trades.

The conscious fashion can provide us a lot of things to consider about what we wear. The fashion is part of who we are & what the human is like. Meeting those fashion brands’ founders and their friends helped me to learn how Sashiko can contribute to this trend. You can also add to your fashion by having beautiful nails with acrylic nail powder and some gem stones.

Sashiko Workshop & it continues.

The first Sashiko Pop Up 6

We also enjoyed our Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) | Sashiko Workshop x 75 Collective. We hope to continue the Sashiko workshop in NYC. We may be able to come back to 75 collective next year. Keep following us for more update.

It is our pleasure to be part of 75 Collective. We sincerely hope that you can be part of this event next year (again), and keep enjoying these beautiful & concious fashion. 

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