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Sashiko Slideshow | Preview of what we do.

Thanks to my friends, I may be able to have a booth at the pop-up event, 75 COLLECTIVE, for December 8th and 9th. If so, this is our first pop-up booth to display what we create. Since it was more than what I was imagining, I do not have many items and PR media prepared, pretty much only the name card. So I decided to make a Sashiko Slideshow to share the preview of what we do.

Sashiko Slideshow

Sashiko is a form of stitching, with appreciating what we have & caring someone we love. The Boro is the ultimate result of these caring stitching, Sashiko.

Sashiko isn’t for everyone. The form of hand-stitching with Sashiko will not change the world by innovation. However, for some people, it could be a great benefit for their ordinary lives. We sincerely hope that we can communicate the importance of “accepting” & ‘judging” place.’

75 Collective & Sashiko workshop

The founders of 75 Collective brands share the similar concepts: consciousness.

By me sharing Sashiko & its upcycling and repurpose culture, I am not advocating that we should go back to the primitive age, living in a cave with wearing the piece of rug. The core message I would like to share throughout Sashiko is that we can be satisfied without competing to be “nicer”. Focusing within and repurposing the items we used to love can give you a caring & loving time and result. I believe, the beautiful building at 75 Murray St in Manhattan, will be filled with beautiful items with the caring concepts. 

Sashiko Workshop is developed to share the same concept with actual technique to enjoy Sashiko Stitching. We have still a few spot left, so please consider to embrace your holiday with caring & warm Sashiko stitching.

Available Sashiko Workshop

  1. Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) – It is the full-length Sashiko Workshop to experience the whole picture of Sashiko, including the core technique I want you to master
  2. Hint of Sashiko Denim Mending – This is a short version workshop with enjoying the actual process to mend denim with Sashiko stitching, 
Sashiko Slideshow End

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