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Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018 | Ichigo Ichie

One of the most significant paradigm shift that Sashi.C0 & Keiko Futatsuya had was the redefinition of the value of gradient (or uneven) colors we once define a mistake. As a few holiday deals from us, we decided to use this unique gradient colored thread as the Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018.

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Beautiful Gradient Green from Natural Indigo

We have been pleasantly introducing this gradient colored Sashiko thread as “Murazome” Sashiko thread.  In the process of making this one-of-a-kind Murazome (gradient) natural Dye Sashiko thread, we realize how it is similar to a Japanese mindset of “Ichigo-Ichie (一期一会)”

Ichigo Ichie in Japanese & Sashiko

Ichigo Ichie (一期一会) means “one time, one meeting” in direct translation from the Japanese language to English. In other words, people translate Ichigo Ichie as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I do not want to put this Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018 as that significant. Rather, I would like to focus on the beauty of encountering something one of a kind.

We, the Japanese, consider an encounter a “treasure”. Sometimes, people call it fate, miracle, or things that were supposed to happen as if the opportunity found you rather than you found the opportunity. 

For this Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018, I will choose the skein for you out of very small inventory of the Murazome Gradient Natural Dye Sashiko thread, which couldn’t be in the same drawer as the numbered-labeled thread with 10% discounted price. 

We rarely offer the discount, and you will get the one of a kind Natural Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread. 

Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018 2

The Detail of Sashiko Holiday Deal 2018

We will cover the shipping (Only US Domestic Shipping with USPS First Class mail). What you need to do is to make an order below with telling me your preference, either green or blue and light color or dark color. 

If you have the specific gradient color you would like to get, please check ourMurazome Natural Dye Sashiko thread page.  

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