September 30, 2023 at 06:54PM

I will be visiting Auburn, NY to offer the 3-Days Sashiko Workshop at @schweinfurthart next week. Thanks to their kind offer, I will have a small booth to display our Sashiko supplies (like thread, needle, thimble & fabric) for sale as well as some of our Sashiko Stitched Items as samples. As I do not have a studio as @Upcyclestitches , this is a wonderful opportunity to touch & feel the Sashiko we actually stitch. The time & days are Friday- Sunday Oct. 6-8 from Noon-1pm daily. Admission to the sale is free and open to the public. Please keep in mind that the sale & display will not be available before noon and after 1pm as I will be focusing on teaching Sashiko.

I say Sashiko introduced in English is simplified, and missing important essence. I share the stories in the workshops, but I believe that watching & touching what we make can also explain what I mean. I often get the feedback saying “Wow, your & Keiko’s work speak for themselves”. I believe what we stitch are more talkative than us (better in communicating for that matter).




#Sashiko #刺し子 #日本人の刺し子


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