September 30, 2021 at 08:04PM

End of September. Beginning of October. I love Autumn. I used to be a smoker. The cigarette changes its taste from heat, humid and joyful to dry, cold, and somewhat “ending” something. 

It is the end of the Indigo Season. I am cleaning out the tiny garden in our small backyard. It takes a long time to make it: from seed to leaves, then dyes and then what we use it for. If we can appreciate this long slow process, I would like to share the importance of understanding it after taking a long time & effort. Easy definition is great, but it limits the whole picture. How can I summarize my whole life into one sentence? Of course, definition is necessary to develop the further definitions (stories). This account is for that.

October is the most difficult month for me for several reasons. I will keep sharing my stories so that you can enjoy the process of “defining” what Sashiko is “for you”. 



配信して、一番迷う時期を乗り越えたいなと思っています。 また配信にて〜。

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