September 28, 2021 at 09:42AM

Ever since Sashiko became a trend, many kindly give me generous compliments about how beautiful what we make. They call me a master, artist, and even “gifted” for what I do. Some share their “wishes” to be like me as an extent to respect the Sashiko we practice. I humbly accept their admiration, and I appreciate them. However, I am a walking (inferior) complex, a mass of many layers of complexes. 

I have been doing the same thing: Sashiko Stitching for many years. Before the trend, what I did was criticized as boring, uninnovative, and “sissy” work (Please be advised that the Sashiko was a work for women historically). Some say, “Why don’t you get actual work. You are a grown up boy/man”. Others laughed at me, “Oh, you wasted student loans by choosing to stitch. You don’t need a brain to do what you are doing”. The worst phrase was: “Why pay so much to something that handicapped people do?”: which is disrespectful for me and the people with challenges. 

From my childhood, I received more contempt before than the admiration I get now, although I am doing the same thing. Some are repainting this for their convenience (money) while ignoring those “(my) History”. Therefore, I do not “define” words so easily. One day, it can be flipped by those with “privilege”.

Only thing I can do is “share” the stories & practice “as is”. I try to be as difficult as possible on SNS to protect myself. I am more honest on Patreon with many longer stories. I pass down the core to those who take my classes. Since the pandemic, I started receiving requests to offer “In-person private” classes. It is very expensive, yet I sincerely appreciate their willingness to learn. I am not ready yet to offer “the answer”, I am still in-between admiration & insult. Therefore, I bring everything I can to the class & share so that the student can find their own answer. I believe that’s how it is supposed to be.


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