September 06, 2021 at 10:16PM

We live in such a “busy” society. We always face “demands” and often, unfortunately, how we can efficiently react to the demands define success. So do I. I do not deny the society where I live, and where my daughter will live. All I do is to observe, appreciate, and share what I can do.

We live in extremely busy days, yet you found Sashiko, hand-stitching. In order to stitch “fast”, you once need to slow down. So, while you are with Sashiko, I want you to be okay with being “slow”. No one is judging but yourself, and you can stop judging yourself when you are mindful about that. 

I ask you (them) to read and listen to our story. Some say that they do not have enough time. Sure… we live in very busy days & we have priorities. However… then… Why Sashiko? I do not offer a quick answer & definition because it will “filter” the culture. Instead, I share as many stories as possible, day by day, so you do not need to invest your time into learning it. 5 minutes of your time each day, please read it mindfully. When you stitch, cook, wash the dishes, clean, whenever your ears are available, please listen to my Sashiko Live Streaming offered in your language. No one is asking you to do Sashiko. You found it, and it is probably something you needed, which you may probably not know yet 100%. Isn’t it exciting? My wife (White) once concluded our relationship saying, “I got it. If I do the complete opposite of what I should do, it is in your culture”. This is extreme, but better than assuming that Western mindset is the same as Japanese. It is not so dangerous to say their “normal/ordinary” is the “abnormal/extraordinary” in our culture: and vice versa. Therefore, I want you to learn what Sashiko is for the Japanese people, especially those who aren’t(weren’t) so much “westernized”.☆



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