September 03, 2021 at 09:25PM

GIYF. Google is Your Friend. Come to think of it, 4 years ago, Google Search Result was my worst enemy. Now, after accumulation of all the emotional labor, Google is Your, and Our Friend. If you have any questions, just search it on Google by adding my name. For example, if you are a newbie and would like to know what Sashiko is, just Google it by typing “What is Sashiko” and “Atsushi”. You will find “my” answer there. If you cannot find the answer on Google (yet), then that question can be a good question for me. 

There are so many “super nice” but “extremely rude” people out there. Since Sashiko is popular, some come to my account and just shoot some random questions and/or requests. I don’t know why they do not even read the first page of what they can find on Google before reaching out… but I find several similarities among them: They think they are doing a good thing to offer me an opportunity to share my expertise & knowledge (often for free). You may find it confusing because I am already sharing here… but they think they are entitled enough to give me a chance to speak about my own culture: If I say no, they “take it easy” and ignore my “advice” by saying “Oh, it doesn’t have to be you (or Japanese). There are many who are experts.” Niceness is suppressing the voice. That’s what I mean by Cultural “Filtration”. All of my Sashiko artisans were quite polite and expected others to be the same: mutual respect. 

All the “Japanese Courtesy” I am asking is to read what I am sharing. Many claim they read what I wrote. I doubt it. They read what they thought was written to dismiss their uncomfortableness. That’s something I need to challenge, to pass down the culture. Questions are great. I am NOT your friend if I do not know you. Google is Your Friend (that being said, the GSR  is a dangerous place if one cannot identify the fake as “fake for someone’s profit”… which is another story). 


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