September 01, 2021 at 11:07AM

I teach Sashiko “stitching”, but I ask them to not focus on stitching. While many find Sashiko “extraordinary”, I advicate the importance of “ordinary”. My Class is about learning how to “use” the tools and supplies so that you do not have to control them… or to be controlled by them. 

I understand the difficulty of “getting” what I am saying here. It sounds philosophical and abstract. However, without getting above, the understanding of Sashiko is insufficient. There are 2 ways to fully understand them: either one becomes suited in Japanese culture, or one actually practices Sashiko as we do: As Zen teaches, the true realization comes from practicing (experiencing) it, not by superficially “understanding” it. 

Again, I understand the difficulty of doubting their knowledge. “Being Right and Valid” is one of the most important elements in Western Society. So, when I say, “Your understanding of Sashiko is insufficient”, they get upset and accuse me for telling them “the assumption about them”. It isn’t an assumption… because once they truly get it, they will know we can only get closer to the sufficient understanding. 

Sashiko is NOT only about: Design, Pattern, Art, Beauty, Stitching, Techniques, Mending, Style, or Meditation. These segments aren’t wrong, but each are filtered vision by those who can “choose” (often privilege groups). Please keep learning: Once you complete my class, you will understand what I mean. I can bring you to the start-line to feel “what Sashiko really is”. If not ready to take class, please keep listening. I believe some got it by watching my Youtube videos. I also talk about it in the Sashiko Webinar next week as well. Sashiko is more than what they think they know.


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