August 31, 2021 at 10:24AM

I don’t have any degree in Art, Sociology, Philosophy, or other related fields to talk about “Culture” of Japanese people. However, one true thing is that I am a Japanese person who had never left Japan until the age of 18. I believe I can share my personal experience & understanding of Japanese culture on top of Sashiko: which is strongly related to the Sashiko culture I would like to pass down.

Let me know (via Insta-Story on 8/31) if you have a question related to “Japanese Culture and Sashiko”. I would like to understand what is going on. To be honest, in extreme situations, I don’t know what you don’t know. Therefore, I don’t know what to offer as a webinar series to fulfill something you do not know yet (what you want to know is based on what you know already… so I believe the first step is to bring us on the same page). Please do not send “How-To” questions. Please check Youtube Tutorials & consider Online Sashiko Class for the technical questions such as “How to do Sashiko”. 

In preparing the webinar, my brain becomes like a fountain of ideas. However, I have to be careful in bringing everyone together: instead of me going out of control with what I would like to insist. I am not a Folklorist or a Historian. I just share the stories – not the folk-tales or documents we can find in history. They are just stories. They aren’t  so much “History” or “Tradition”. What I share is an on-going difference in culture, and therefore, it can fulfill something missing in todays’ Sashiko. 



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