Sashiko. Words DO Matter.

Sashiko. Words DO Matter.

Some say, “Word” doesn’t matter. “Sashiko/Boro” is merely the word, so what is the issue with just using it. I see their point, but I wonder if they know the word “Kotodama (言霊)” when they discuss about Japanese words. Kotodama means a spirit of saying. We believe(d) the word carries its own spirit. Sashiko. Words DO Matter.

The English version of “Power of Words” to choose positive words attentively sounds similar to Kotodama, but a different concept to me. Power of Words has its purpose to make the situation positive (which I enjoy learning in the U.S. in being a father). Kotodama is in between the dualism: not about good or bad, it is just “there”.

Therefore, I keep speaking up the risk of “word”: people using the word Sashiko while ignoring the culture. It is fine if they try to learn & respect it. However, if not… then I need to fight back to protect my own culture. I come to think that it may be better for the society as well.




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