October 02, 2021 at 08:39AM

One of the biggest reasons for this account is to share the “full stories”. I am tired of people “cutting & pasting” what they want to hear & learn, and resulting in changing the cultural contents. Therefore, I ask you to read as many stories as possible here before trying to “define” it. Instead of reading the comfortable stories, I want them to have a moment to “stop & think”. I believe that’s something I can offer to this world. 

So, as a result, I am trying my best to be as “difficult” as possible on SNS. Sometimes, I have more “unfollowers” than new followers in a day. It probably means I wrote something they didn’t want to read. It is okay. “Being liked” is not the (only) goal in this account. (of course, I would like to be liked.)

However, when one approaches me with respect for Japanese culture (courtesy), I believe I am quite decent & welcoming. I shall never forget someone’s kindness, too. So, when a daughter of someone who I received kindness from asks me for help, I do everything I can. More than 6 hours of conversations, with theme shifting here and there, the Story by Isabella about Sashiko went on Air last night on a public radio: The World. She cut and pasted what we talked about. However, she also did her best to understand the whole picture. I laughed how she “cooked” our raw stories, and I appreciate her for the massive effort to make it happen. 

I have A LOT to say about the story about Otsuchi. (I have only shared stories about Otsuchi in Patreon since it is too personal to me). It is probably time to share more. I plan to have a Webinar about Isabella summarized beautifully. (The link to the Radio is on Today’s Story).


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