Sashiko Thread Sale Deal

Sashiko Thread Sale Deal & Promotion

I established Upcycle Stitches LLC in February 2017. I am happy that I am building enough sales to expand our inventory. Unlike the early period of this year, we will try out best to keep our products in stocks all the time. Also, I will start some Sashiko Thread Sale Deal & Promotion as a sign of gratitude for finding us from millions of websites.

*Learn about our Sashiko thread here.

Enjoy Early Summer with Yellow Sashiko Thread

For the first sale deal, I chose yellow Sashiko Thread. (This Deal Ended at the enf of June, 2017. Thank you).

The Three colors are available with $1.00 OFF(7% OFF) until the end of June. The deal will end when the stock runs out. As of now, the sales deal is only available on our Amazon web store since I haven’t figure out how to apply these deals on our web store or Etsy store without changing the listing price. Check our Sashiko thread product page here.

Sashiko Thread Sale Deal for Summer

I love the early summer season. Sunflowers remind me of my father for some reasons, and then I came up with this sale deal idea. I hope you would enjoy Sashiko with beautiful yellow colors.

Future Sashiko Thread Sale Deal

White and Indigo Blue Sashiko threads are very popular in our store. Besides these colors, I am thinking of Sashiko Thread Sale Deal in future. The color is a key of art, and of course, the color makes a lot of difference in Sashiko projects. I hope you would have a chance to stock all the color of threads to expand the possibility of your Sashiko project. I hope the deal would help it even a little bit.

*Please refer the youtube channel how to store the Sashiko thread in a good shape after you purchase from us.

2 thoughts to “Sashiko Thread Sale Deal & Promotion”

  1. I’d like to place an order for the special deal using the welcome to sashiko coupon code
    I would like the 3 yellow colors, the 3 blue colors and the ecru and white colors eight colors in all.
    What is the price in total and how do I go about ordering with adding these comments in the shopping cart so I get the correct colors?

    1. Dear Arlene,

      Thank you very much for reaching out.
      I understand that you would like to place the order of 8 skeins of Sashiko Thread with coupons.

      Please place the order of both [Mono Color 3 Skeins] and [Mono Color 5 Skeins] on the product page below with using the Coupon: WELCOMETOSASHIKO

      My understanding is that you would like to place the order of 3 Yellows (#26, #27, #55) and 3 blues (#15, #16, and #18), then #10 and #12. 8 skeins, 8 colors. If this is a misunderstanding, please correct it in the comment section.

      I am sorry that $1.00 off for Yellow Thread will not be applied as the coupon above for 10% OFF will be used.

      Thank you.

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