Sashiko patterns with Kamon and tradition

Sashiko Pattern | Explore the Tradition

Among various reasons for Sashiko’s popularity, I believe that the beauty of geometric Sashiko pattern is a significant reason why people felt in love with it. Including the traditional Sashiko Pattern, we have uncountable numbers of patterns to enjoy. In fact, the pattern can be anything you would like to try.

Here is a brief directory of Sashiko Pattern we often use.

1. Traditional Geometric Pattern

Needless to say. Many traditional patterns became like a representation of Sashiko. Some people refer Asano-ha patterns as Sashiko even without stitching. Among many geometric patterns, these four patterns would be the most well-known patterns.

  1. Asano-ha (麻の葉)/ Hemp Leave
  2. Higaki (檜垣)/ Japanese wooden fence
  3. Seikai-ha (青海波)/ Ocean Wave
  4. Shippou (七宝)/ Seven Treasure (Lights) (of Budda)

Sashiko Pattern Traditional

Not only they are beautiful, but the patterns are well thought to practice Sashiko stitching. I always recommend starting Sashiko practice with one of these traditional geometric patterns.

*A set of these patterns is available in our online store / Etsy store for PDF download.

2. Modified Geometric Pattern

The Japanese kept satisfying their artistic desire by modifying the traditional pattern without damaging the beauty in geometry. We can find many advanced and complicated yet simple and geometric patterns used on Sashiko and other Japanese art forms. Usually, these modified geometric patterns have the base. For example, the pattern in the photo is based on Asano-ha pattern and adding a sense of arrows.

Sashiko Pattern Modified

These patterns may require more advanced skill to get a good Sashiko result. However, the basic of stitching is the same. We do not change how we use our basic tools like a thimble and needles, we just think how we can stitch efficiently.


*A set of these patterns is available in our online store / Etsy store for PDF download.

3. Grid Pattern

We often use a grid (pattern) on the fabric to make Sashiko stitching. In order to make Hitomezashi stitching, the grid must be on the fabric. For the patterns with using a grid, the number of the possible results is infinite. We enjoy the process of making these Hitomezashi stitching. The most famous Hitomezashi would be “Kakino-ha (柿の葉)” pattern.

Sashiko Pattern with hitome Sample

4. Kamon Family Pattern

Kamons are emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. Its symmetrical pattern in a circle amazes me a lot. It is my goal to use more Kamon patterns on my projects. They are just stunning.

Sashiko Pattern with Kamon Sample

5. Create your own Sashiko Pattern

Sashiko Patterns Create by your own

Sashiko pattern can be anything you would like to work on. It can be just a series of simple lines or your own drawing. No limitation and no regulation. Enjoy Sashiko!

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  1. I have been looking into different quilting techniques for me and my grandma to try. I have never heard of sashiko patterns before. They are very geometric and beautiful! We will have to give a traditional pattern a try and see if we can do it! Thank you for the information!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Deb. Your website looks good.
      When I had a shop in Japan, we had many customers from Hawaii. I am sure that we can share the technique and culture. One day, it would be great if I can host a workshop in Hawaii. Please follow us so we can share more information regarding Sashiko.

      1. Hello i am a designer from Hawaii and i want to make a sashiko design. I would like to make a workshop with you? Please respond if ur intrested . Have a nice day. Cheers from Hawaii

          1. I am in poland right now so if u can come and visit me at my office in poland it would be nice i wil give u a free flight and alot of vodka. lets do some business!

          2. Hello, im back, i am really excited to start a workshop with you in June.
            I want to invenst in other designes aswell.
            Please send me a message at this number 899 23 116.
            See you soon! (:

          3. Hello,
            Please check the email I sent on October 2022. We have not scheduled any In-person workshop in June. Our Online Sashiko Class is available throughout the year (when there are spots available). For the admin purpose, I do all the conversation via emails. Please check this page if you are interested in having me there.

  2. NO NO NO! Come to Poland and drink some vodka with me and then we can talk about business(:
    NIE NIE NIE! Przyjedź do Polski napij się ze mną wódki i wtedy pogadamy o interesach(:
    Damedamedame! Pōrando ni kite, watashitoisshoni u~okka o nomi, sorekara bijinesu ni tsuite hanashimashou ( :

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