Sashiko Swatches second

Sashiko Swatches Second | #004 ~ #006

By arranging the Sashiko Swatches inventory, I come to learn how Sashiko is/was. The combination of Japanese vintage fabric and Sashiko stitching always looks beautiful. As a mission statement of Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, we keep saying to bring “old/unused” fabric to the main stage of fashion and arts. We realize we have a lot of dead stock in our inventory by keeping all the beautiful works in a pile. Here is Sashiko Swatches Second.

It is my responsibility to display and introduce these beautiful Sashiko Swatches one by one. This will be a series of episodes.

A series of introducing Sashiko swatches is consist of many articles on this blog. The previous article is here.


Sashiko Swatches Second

1. #004 Seikai Ha Plus

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Sashiko Swatches Second 1


This is a very interesting piece of Sashiko fabric. We aren’t sure who designed this and who made Sashiko stitching.I suppose this fabric may be left-over from a Sashiko-workmen-socks project. The sashiko stitching is done by hands. 

2. #005 Shima Stripe fabric Blue

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Sashiko Swatches Second 2



3.#006 Shima Stripe Fabric Green

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These two Sashiko Swatches with Shima Stripe vintage fabric are the great materials for the Sashiko mending projects. The vintage fabrics weren’t strong enough to have so much Sashiko stitching on, so we layered cotton poplin fabric to strengthen it. Sashiko is a form of stitching originated in repairing, reinforcing, and mending the torn fabric. The rich Sashiko stitching and beautiful colors (which is truly one-of-a-kind since the color is made by decades of time), will make your repair fashion product so unique and exclusive.


Sashiko Swatches Continue its journey.


The responsibility of Upcycle Stitches doesn’t end when we sell the fabric to the Sashiko & Upcycle lovers. We will upload and share the videos and articles how you would enjoy your Sashiko project. Thank you for your interest and continuous support.


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