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Sashiko Swatches Collection 5th | #50 Boro Inspired

Here is our 5th Collection of Sashiko Swatches for sale. Memorable #50 are so-called “Boro Inspired” Sashiko stitched Fabric. They are listed on our Etsy Store. Thanks to those who purchased our beautiful, one of a kind, sashiko swatches, we can continue introducing the more Sashiko fabrics.

Every swatch is hand-stitched, of course. We respect a story in the Japanese farmer’s history, “soybeans – patchwork” and appreciated very small Japanese fabrics. Enjoy the beauty of patchworking with Boro Inspired concept. 


*A series of introducing our Sashiko swatches has consisted of many articles on this website. 


Sashiko Swatches Collection 5th | Boro Inspired


#50-A | Authentic fabric hand-stitched to be Boro

28″ x 9″ | 45 gram


Boro Inspired A


Boro Inspired A2



#50-B | Authentic fabric hand-stitched to be Boro


24″ x 10.5″ | 48 gram


Boro Inspired B1


Boro Inspired B2



#50-C | Authentic fabric hand-stitched to be Boro


28″ x 6.5″ | 40 gram

Boro Inspired C1


Boro Inspired C2



What does “Boro Inspired” mean?

Ultimately speaking, I would say that Boro Inspired fabric is “to be Boro” fabric.

There is not a significant line that we distinguish which is Boro or Not. However, in our understanding, Boro is the result of “repetitive Sashiko mending & stitching.” The single patchworking doesn’t make the fabric Boro. However, any kinds of patchworking and mending projects with respecting the concept of “Mottainai” and appreciating the fabric, we respect it.


It is just for us to distinguish what we make.

One is Boro Inspired beautiful sashiko swatch, and the one is Boro we would like to recreate after continuous stitching.

Boro Inspired Sample
A Sample of Boro Inspired Fabric. Patchworking with vintage Japanese fabric
Boro Sample
A Sample of Boro we revived. Check the repetitive of Sashiko to form the fabric.



A note from Etsy Description for Boro Inspired Fabric

Each of the Boro Inspired fabric is all hand-stitched and patched small fabrics here and there. It is not “quite” Boro yet by our standards, but it is absolutely beautiful and “one-of-a-kind” Sashiko swatches. They can be used as is, or to your Sashiko project. The edge is not trimmed. However, it can be used for the placemat when the friction isn’t that significant. 

In a process of making Sashiko items, we collect many small swatches that we cannot even provide as the swatch. I would not prefer to list a fabric of 2-inch square. We do not throw away the beautiful fabric even if it is small. Our goal is to follow the Japanese mindset that a story tells us.






Sashiko Swatches Collection 4th

Sashiko Swatches Collection 4th | #015 ~ #019

One of our Sashiko Stitched Swatches is sold out. We are so happy to share these beautiful all-hand-made pieces of fabrics. We still have been adding the Sashiko Swatches to the Etsy Store. It is our Sashiko Swatches Collection 4th here.

The price may surprise someone who is not familiar with real Sashiko. We believe the pricing isn’t outrageous because of the materials (Japanese Vintage Fabric and Natural Dye Thread) and the time we had to invest in. At the same time, we would like as many people as possible to enjoy the touch and beauty of Sashiko Stitched Swatches. If you have any idea or advice on that, it would be very appreciated. Well, first, I probably should advertise them better since not many people visited the page yet.


*A series of introducing Sashiko swatches is consisted by many articles on this blog. The previous article is here.


Sashiko Swatches Collection 4th Edition


1. #015 Indigo Vintage Long with Asano-ha

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail. It is a long vintage fabric with a hint of Sashiko. A very rare fabric in the market.


The Japanese Vintage Fabric, especially those with Natural Indigo Dyes, has been geeting so popular over years. The thin cotton fabric with Indigo Dye, and beautiful Sashiko stitches could be used as the window hunger (Noren) before. It is stunning.


2. #016 Indigo Vintage Fabric with Kagome

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail. A small, trimmed fabric. Good for a placemat, coaster, and as the materials for your project.



Thick Indigo Dyed Fabric with basic Kagome Sashiko Stitching. The reasonable price will expand the options in your Sashiko (or any kinds) projects.


3.#017 Thread Bobbin (Itomaki) Sashiko

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail. The one-of-a kind. We don’t have the pattern any longer.



The Japanese used the Thread Bobbins (Itomaki) as the picture shown above. The stitcher this Sashiko used its image to express the passion of Sashiko, I believe. The Sashiko stitching with Classic Sashiko Itomaki Bobbins.


4.#018 Kamon and Vintage Fabric

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.


The Kamon (家紋)Pattern is something we all Japanese appreciate. The Indigo Dyed Fabric with the Kamon Pattern Stitched is very special for us. The stitcher used chasing stitching (追っかけ – Okkake) to reinforce the stitching. This piece of fabric can be a great addition to your garment or any other projects to make it “one of a kind.”


5.#019 Kamon with Bird. Lighter Indigo with White Thread

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail. It is the similar item from #001.


Gorgeous Sashiko fabric with Kamon sytle bird designing.

We have 3 kinds of options with different types of fabric and different colors on the exactly same design and craftsmanship.




We Keep updated to our Sashiko Swatches Collection

In order to make Big Sashiko Project, such as Jackets and Bags, we would need to collect many types of fabric, Sashiko artisans & craftsman. We sometimes test the stitching result to see if the thread color matches the fabric, either the design match to the big project. We are happy to share some Sashiko pieces we didn’t use. A concept of Mottainai – too good to waste – is here.

This was the page for Sashiko Swatches Collection 4th, and 5th will be coming up soon.




Sashiko Swatches Collection Preview

Sashiko Swatches Collection Third | #007 ~ #014

We have been adding the Sashiko Swatches to the Etsy Store. I feel like I am making a Sashiko Swatches Collection there.

Every Sashiko swatches have its original uniqueness and beauty. Every fabric is hand-stitched, and of course, one-of-a-kind piece. They are a bit expensive (luxury for fabric), but I hope the fabrics will find home or project to be applied.


*A series of introducing Sashiko swatches is consist of many articles on this blog. The previous article is here.


Sashiko Swatches Collection | Third

1. #007 Beautiful Small Sashiko Stitches

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.



Sashiko Swatch Collection 007

The beauty of Sashiko stitches is based on how even the stitches are. As long as the stitches are even, the size of the stitch is the matter of preference. However, this small stitch is art-masterpiece. Enjoy the small beautiful Sashiko stitches.


2. #008 Asano-Ha Sashiko Fabric

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.

Asano-Ha (Hemp / 麻の葉) Pattern is one of the most popular Sashiko patterns. With beautiful white fabric with brown Sashiko thread, this is a good Sashiko fabric to apply to your project.


3.#009 Popular Sashiko Fabric

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.

Sashiko Swatch Collection


The back side of these Sashiko swatches is cleaned up (the threads are clipped). They are well-prepared for your Sashiko project or even use them as the placemat by themselves.


4.#011 Hitomezashi Sashiko Fabric

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.


Hitomezashi (一目刺し)are very popular because of its rich stitchings and beautiful patterns. We use Hitomezashi Sashiko fabric to make Sashiko Jackets and Bags with patch-working. They are pieces left in stock. A good opportunity to have one of these beautiful Hitomezashi fabrics in your project.


5.#012 Vintage Silk with Hitomezashi

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.


The Oshima-Tsumugi with Dorozome (Mud-Dye) is one of the most beautiful silk fabric I have ever know. When it gets ages, the vintage Oshima-Tsumugi, have the special appearance. Some people say it is insane to stitch on Oshima, but we challenged to do so. The vintage Oshima Tsumugi could be weak by aging, so we reinforce the fabric by performing the Sashiko stitching with back fabric. Enjoy the supreme beauty that Sashiko can create.


6.#013 Placemat Quality Sashiko Fabric

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.


The fabric has one of the traditional stitching so-called “Tuzuki Yamagata”. The back of fabric is cleaned through, and the edge is trimmed by machine stitching. They are the finished products quality and be used as placemats. Include the beautiful Sashiko stitching to your table.


7.#014 Asanoha Vintage

*Click the title to purchase and for more detail.


Indigo Dye Vintage fabric with Asano-Ha pattern with a hint of designing. The very beautiful piece of fabric to enjoy the traditional Sashiko stitchings.



Keep updated to our Sashiko Swatches Collection


We keep updating our Sashiko Swatches Collection from our inventory. We are a group of Sashiko artists and practice Sashiko every day. However, we sometimes decide to Not to use the fabric we stitched. I hope people can enjoy the Sashiko culture, (even without actually stitching), by adding the fabric to their project and/or home.


Sashiko Swatches second

Sashiko Swatches Second | #004 ~ #006

By arranging the Sashiko Swatches inventory, I come to learn how Sashiko is/was. The combination of Japanese vintage fabric and Sashiko stitching always looks beautiful. As a mission statement of Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, we keep saying to bring “old/unused” fabric to the main stage of fashion and arts. We realize we have a lot of dead stock in our inventory by keeping all the beautiful works in a pile. Here is Sashiko Swatches Second.

It is my responsibility to display and introduce these beautiful Sashiko Swatches one by one. This will be a series of episodes.

A series of introducing Sashiko swatches is consist of many articles on this blog. The previous article is here.


Sashiko Swatches Second

1. #004 Seikai Ha Plus

*Click the title to purchase.


Sashiko Swatches Second 1


This is a very interesting piece of Sashiko fabric. We aren’t sure who designed this and who made Sashiko stitching.I suppose this fabric may be left-over from a Sashiko-workmen-socks project. The sashiko stitching is done by hands. 

2. #005 Shima Stripe fabric Blue

*Click the title to purchase.

Sashiko Swatches Second 2



3.#006 Shima Stripe Fabric Green

*Click the title to purchase.


These two Sashiko Swatches with Shima Stripe vintage fabric are the great materials for the Sashiko mending projects. The vintage fabrics weren’t strong enough to have so much Sashiko stitching on, so we layered cotton poplin fabric to strengthen it. Sashiko is a form of stitching originated in repairing, reinforcing, and mending the torn fabric. The rich Sashiko stitching and beautiful colors (which is truly one-of-a-kind since the color is made by decades of time), will make your repair fashion product so unique and exclusive.


Sashiko Swatches Continue its journey.


The responsibility of Upcycle Stitches doesn’t end when we sell the fabric to the Sashiko & Upcycle lovers. We will upload and share the videos and articles how you would enjoy your Sashiko project. Thank you for your interest and continuous support.


Sashiko Swatches | #001 ~ #003

Upcycle Stitches / Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya are a group of Sashiko artisans and craftspersons. Usually, we have a plan in our mind when we start a Sashiko project. The purpose of Sashiko stitching can be making a Sashiko Jacket from Japanese vintage fabric. Or, it could be preparing a piece of fabric with Sashiko for the Jeans mending project. Meanwhile, we just enjoy the Sashiko stitching itself without having a purpose. From time to time, we pile these Sashiko Swatches which we enjoyed and the piece of fabric which we didn’t use in the big project. We decided to sort our inventory (pile) and sell them as the “one-of-the-kind” Sashiko Swatches.

We enjoyed. Please use them for your Sashiko project.

Every Sashiko swatches are, of course, hand-stitched by a member in either Upcycle Stitches or Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya. Most of the fabric is Japanese vintage fabric, and Indigo dyed. Otherwise, I will specify the materials and dye methods. Please be advised that sometime we forget how we obtained the fabric. When you see the comment of “no proof,” it means “our best guess.”

It would be very wonderful materials/supply for your Sashiko project, especially for mending or repairing project.

As of now, the Sashiko swatches are available on our Etsy website. They are one of the kind products. Once it is sold, we won’t be able to make the same swatches.


1. #001 Kamon with birds 

*Click the title to read more.

Sashiko Swatches #001

2.#002 Kagome Sashiko

*Click the title to read more.

Sashiko Swatches #002

3. #003 Hishi Seikaiha

*Click the title to read more.

Sashiko Swatches #003


Sashiko Swatches as Future BOROs.

I hope you can use these beautiful Sashiko swatches for your long-appreciating Sashiko project. These are strong fabrics because of Sashiko. These are beautiful fabrics because of time (vintage). By using this fabric, you step forward to make BOROs in future.